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Change The Price!
24-03-2014, 12:41 PM
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RE: Change The Price!
(24-03-2014 08:06 AM)Veluux Wrote:  I don't see much wrong with the price - given the planned features; but I wish there was some sort of discount option for those who have already purchased the mobile app version - since that is included in the $15 PC version (if I'm not mistaken). I feel like I'm sort of double paying in that case, which kind of sucks. A discount would be awesome, even if it's not full equivalent to what I already spent - at least it's something. I'd even take like a $4 discount over the $7 I spent on the app version. Would be nice.

Ah - when I read 'app' I assumed $1 (my bad), so yeah, $7 is a bit different. If it's any consolation, the mobile version doesn't appear to be included in the main version (there's a button for it but this just takes you to a page where you can buy it). I guess it's like any platform game - buy it on one platform and usually you have to rebuy it for another. There's an inequality when the two platforms happen to be 'big gaming machine' and a mobile device, but if the game is identical, then the usual seems to be that people have to buy the two versions separately.
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