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Change The Price!
23-03-2014, 06:18 PM
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RE: Change The Price!
Dude I paid £10 for it. Or as its priced for americans $15. which means you get it for around £7/£8 in my kind of money.

IT IS 100% WORTH IT. the graphics are good, the news is funny, I played it for 10 hours solid on it when I got it. when you pay around $4 less than I do for it you can't complain. Seriously its worth it.

and if you want to compare early access cost check out Dayz. that cost me £20 or $35 for americans (I assume) This game is well priced. I don't often insult people but you sir are a cheapskate and a whiney bitch.

For its price this game is a steal. I think it should be $5-$10 more for what you get. I'm sure your parents can afford to give you a little bit more pocket money. I really don't think you know what early alpha means.
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